Benefits of Walking 


Most people will be aware that walking is good for your health, but most of the emphasis appears to focus on how it improves your aerobic fitness. The aim of this article is to highlight some of the other benefits associated with regular walking.
1) Upper body mobility. When you walk you swing your arms. This is great for maintaining your shoulder mobility and is especially beneficial if you are rehabilitating from a shoulder injury.
2) Trunk Stability. When you walk you are moving your arms and legs simultaneously and this stimulates your trunk muscles to work to maintain your stability.
3) Balance. Each step you take requires you to stand for a brief period on one leg. This can assist your balance especially if you are walking on uneven unpredictable surfaces.
4) joints. This applies mainly to the hips, knees and ankles. Walking is a great way of lubricating and maintaining joint health because it is low impact mobiliser for these joints. In addition it also maintains the strength in these joints.
So you can see a daily walk of 30 minutes is well worth the time because it does a lot more than improve your aerobic fitness.

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