Varitrike Review

I have a passion for outdoor exercise machines that are slightly different. In the past I have owned a Rowbike, stridecore and currently use a bionic runner and street stepper.

Three years ago i purchased a Varibkie which is a standard bike with cranks enabling the arms to be used for a full body workout. This machine required a bit of learning technique but once mastered provided a great workout. Recently I viewed the Varibkie website and noticed they had introduced a trike version with both pedals for the arms and legs, thus it provided the same workout as the Varibkie but with the bonus of additional stability when using both the arms and legs to pedal.

Martin the owner of Varibkie offered me a part exchange deal to upgrade my Varibkie to the varitrike and so I went ahead and purchased one.

I have been using the machine for 6 weeks now and so feel I have enough experience to write a review. The trike has an adjustable back rest so you can alter the angle. I find it exceptionally comfortable when using it even for 3-4 hours at a time. Martin also ensures the pedal to seat length is correct for your individual leg length. I ordered the version with Shimano Alfine gears so changing gears is smooth and consistent.

The machine itself takes no getting used to and you have all the options available on the Varibkie ie legs only, arms only, one arm at a time. It is an engineering masterpiece with steering no problems.

I regularly use the bike in London but have attached a flag pole to increase my visibility, with this I am confident on the trike even in rush hour traffic.

The bike provides a great workout and there are no “off limits” in terms of hills. In the lowest gear I have mastered the steepest hill in my area ( approx 18 degrees at some points).

Although the wheels are only 20 inches there is no real loss of speed when compared to the bike version I regularly average 26-28kmh which I don’t think is too bad when you consider the traffic.

To conclude I am so glad I exchanged the Varibkie for the trike version. It is comfortable, easy to master, enables you to climb hills utilising both arms and legs and provides a great workout. If you have the budget for it I would highly recommend it.



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