Me mover review

I have recently purchased a me mover which is a stand up step machine.

Having owned numerous other stand up machines including a street stepper, bionic runner, elliptigo and stride core I will be comparing it to these machines in terms of construction, ease of assembly and intensity of workout.

First of all construction: There is nothing to fault here, the machine is solid. The main criteria for me are the handlebars and wheels. The handlebars do not move despite the higher forces they are put through when using the mover.

The wheels are also extremely robust I have been down numerous kerbs and wheels have not been any problem. When comparing to the other machines it appears to be as good.

Ease of assembly: This was a definite bonus for me. The machine was so easy to assemble only the wheels and handlebar stem needed to be fitted. This took me 10 minutes and I am no handyman. The assembly was much easier than all the other outdoor machines I have had to assemble.

Intensity of workout: The beauty of this machine is that it is very easy to learn the technique and once mastered it can provide what ever type of workout you want. I have been out for 60km rides at a lower intensity and done hill intervals taking my heart rate up to over 90%. The range of workouts is much more varied than I could get from an elliptigo ( where I could not get my heart rate up for intense intervals) and the stridecore and streetstepper. It compares well with the bionic runner which I found you could get a high intensity workout.

So conclusions are this machine is well built, easy to assemble and provides a great range of workouts from gentle commutes to work to high intensity intervals. The added bonus is that it comes in at a price that is the lower end of other stand up machines.

For information on the me mover their website is


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